Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scented Soy Candles

I like to pass on info on products that actually follow the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

This candle is made using  a natural organic candle 'wax' produced from Soy Beans which does not produce toxins. The company claims the essential oils used in soy candles can alter your health and mood, only you can decide if this actually works.

I found many several pleasing fragrances that can last from only a few hours or up to an entire day.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid for advertisement for this company. I do not receive any money or gifts in exchange for anything I write on this blog.


yankee candles said...

Scented candles truly do make a room or space. They are inviting and relaxing. I love the candle industry because it allows me to decorate on a budget.

Kate said...

Nice, Greg, but I am not sure that I agree with genetically modified soy beans being associated with anything "green". Most soy beans grown outside Australia are genetically modified.